June 23, 2020

COVID-19 Info


Employee procedure:

Employees will have temperature taken, masks will be provided to employee and screening questions will be asked.
  – Do you have a fever?
  – Do you have a cough, has it worsened?
  – Shortness of breath?
  – Chills?
  – Muscle aches?
  – Sore throat?
Sanitizing of equipment will be done prior to any event, during the event and a thorough cleaning after every event.

What can the customer expect to do?

Guests list will be maximized at 10 members per event until Phase 4 is approved where we will resume normal operations.  Tentative date is June 26, 2020
If a guest is sick they will not be allowed inside game truck or to participate.
We may ask screening questions before entering game truck
Must use hand sanitizer when entering the trailer.
We request that you wear masks, but are not required.  
If, play area is left, you must re-sanitize your hands.
When, player wishes to switch games we will sanitize a new controller before using.

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