March 23, 2020

The Laser Ops Mobile Game Truck

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The Laser Ops Mobile Gaming video game truck is Peoria’s newest, most high-tech party on wheels!  Our game truck is spacious, with higher ceilings, stadium-style seating, full climate control and loaded with high-tech fun!

Virtual shooting gallery range party rental in Peoria Illinois

At one end of the game truck, you’ll find a Virtual Reality Shooting Gallery with a 90″ screen that allows players to safely fire an infrared beam at the screen, playing games appropriate for all ages.  We have fun target games, dueling games, hunting games and kids’ games like Pirate Ship and The Saloon!

If guns aren’t your thing, no worries! We transform that end of the game truck with another 55″ HDTV and an Oculus Quest Virtual Reality system that lets players immerse themselves in virtual reality games!

In the center of our game truck, and in the additional outside compartments, you’ll find gaming stations with the latest and greatest video games!  Sports games, combat games, role-playing games and more!

Video game truck party in Peoria Illinois

The front of our game truck is equipped with two Virtual Reality Racing Simulators!  Climb into the realistic cockpit and strap on your VR headset.  Grab the wheel, mash the pedals and race head-to-head for the checkered flag!

Virtual reality racing simulator in Peoria Illinois


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