March 23, 2020

Virtual Reality Racing & Gaming

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Don’t just play the game…GET IN THE GAME!

Laser Ops Mobile Gaming is proud to bring Virtual Reality racing and gaming to our parties in and around Peoria, Illinois.

Virtual reality racing simulator in Peoria Illinois

Our game truck is equipped with two Virtual Reality racing simulators.  These incredible machines let players simulate driving race cars.  Climb into the virtual “cockpit” and strap on your VR headset.  The simulator has a steering wheel and pedals that let you get “into the game and on the track!”  Our racing simulators are mobile, so we can move them into a portable tent (that we can supply!) to open up even more gaming room in our game truck.  This is perfect for large events!

We have Playstation VR and the incredible Oculus Quest VR systems as well!  With lots of awesome virtual reality titles, your guests will be able to enter an incredible world of video gaming fun with Laser Ops Mobile Gaming!

Virtual reality video game party in Peoria, Illinois

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