March 23, 2020

VR Shooting Gallery

The Laser Ops Mobile Gaming “virtual shooting gallery” offers a Infrared (IR) shooting experience on a 90 inch projection screen by using a short-throw projector with a camera built in.  As you shoot at the screen on one of the multiple games we offer, the shot is registered on the screen. Players stand about 5 feet from the screen and it will simulate distance by the depth of the screen.  The guns that are used feel as close to the real thing, without having the recoil, cost of ammo and zero safety concerns with live ammo, because there will not be any.   The shooting range is great for all ages and is great training tool for beginners or just a fun way to compete against friends to see if you are the best shot. We have broken the list of games into different categories, but remember that all the games are kid friendly and great fun for all ages.

Virtual shooting gallery range party rental in Peoria Illinois

If guns are not for you, we can remove it from trailer and add a PS4 with VR or Oculus Quest at no additional charge on a 55inch HD screen.

Rent our Virtual Shooting Gallery as a stand-alone system!

The system will be available to rent on its own if it is not booked for the trailer. We can set up in almost any space. Call for details. 
Stand -alone Shooting Gallery pricing:
Two hours: $200.00
Additional time after 2 hours: $50/hour

IR Weapons we carry:
Glock 19
Sim 7 x2 (Training gun based off the Glock 17)
(We plan on offering the Remington Shotgun in the future)
Games we offer:
Competition Games
Practical Shooting, ECHO ( Competition Course outdoors)
Dueling Tree (Great shooting game between two people, do have the skill to out shot your opponent)
Steel Challenge ( Lets see who shoots the targets the fastest) 4 Players/good team building skill
Reaction Plates (How good is your memory and How do you shoot) good team building skill 
Kids Games 
The Pirate Ship (Kids Games, but adults love it)
The Saloon (Kids Games, but adults love it to)
Hunting Games
Mallard Madness (Good way to sharpen up on those Duck Hunting Skills)
Prairie Dog Hunt (Another way to Sharpen up those Hunting Skills)
Full Boar ( No matter how many times my kids play this they never get tired of it) We call it the Family Stress Reliever 
Here are a few of the games we offer:

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